Heat pumps are an energy-efficient way of transferring heat in and out of a home.

How do they work and what makes them an attractive alternative to traditional home heating systems?

Heat pumps work like refrigerators

Refrigerators move heat energy from one place to another. A heat pump does this throughout a home, moving hot air out of the house in the summer and bringing warm air into the house in the winter. Air is heated and cooled through the evaporation and condensation cycles of a refrigerant.

This unique design essentially makes it both a heating system and an air conditioner.

Choose the heat pump that’s right for your home

There are several different styles of heat pumps so if you’re thinking about one, make sure you do your homework.

Should you use your home’s existing ducts or does it make more sense to use a ventless option? What options are better for smaller homes or homes with open layouts? Is the home located in a colder climate? You should ask these questions and more when considering a heat pump.

Costs and rebates

The cost of installing and maintaining heat pumps can vary significantly depending on several factors like the type of heat pump, the size of the home, and other design and installation considerations. Make sure you receive and compare multiple quotes.

Rebates are available. CleanBC Better Homes has a rebate search tool on their website that’ll display all the rebates you can apply for heat pump installations and more. 

Environmental benefits inside and outside the home

Heat pumps usually offer air flow and dehumidification controls, and many offer enhanced filtration systems to clean the air inside your home from pollutants, dust, and allergens.

If your home is connected to BC’s electrical grid (as most are), a heat pump can help reduce your carbon footprint by about the same amount as not driving your car for approximately nine months. They use anywhere from a half to a third as much energy as electric baseboards or gas furnaces.

Live in a strata?

If you live in a strata building, check your bylaws and with your strata council before proceeding. There may be requrements you need to meet before installing a heat pump.

More information

Read CleanBC Better Homes heat pump information and FAQ page