Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most popular renovations made to a home. And for good reason. A well-done refresh is satisfying and potentially influences the home’s resale value.

However, renovating a bathroom can be tricky. Check out these six common mistakes before you decide to tackle this project by yourself.

Not planning or budgeting

Planning ahead for any project means you have a much greater chance of completing the reno on budget, on time, and to your specifications the first time.

List the items you need, the cost, and whether it fits your budget. After prioritizing each item, be prepared to remove the low priority ones if you're over budget. As well, make sure you add extra padding to you budget in case of costly mistakes or unforeseen issues.

This article will help you plan for success.

Doing it yourself

Most of the time it’s not a good idea! Faulty plumbing or electrical mishaps could cause all sorts of problems and could potentially damage your home. Unless you're experienced in plumbing, electrical, drywalling, and tiling, it's faster and possibly cheaper to hire experts.

Water, water everywhere

Bathrooms are exposed to a lot of moisture. Using materials that aren’t made for these conditions is a recipe for trouble. Water can seep everywhere, especially through poorly applied, low-quality grout around the bathtub.

Baths and showers generate a lot of humidity and, if not properly ventilated, can encourage mould growth.

Forgetting lighting and electrical outlets

Water and electricity are a volatile mix – a certified electrician is a must for rewiring the bathroom. Having a well-lit space is important, especially if there aren’t any windows.

Good lighting makes the room look bigger, is better for cleaning, and makes personal grooming easier. If your budget allows, an overhead light in the shower/bathtub brightens up a usually darker area.

Make sure your electrical outlets are placed for maximum convenience.

Wasting storage space

An elegant pedestal sink can look stunning, but is it practical in a smaller bathroom? Vanities or modified dressers capture easy to use storage space for towels, appliances, cleaning solutions, and personal items.

Be sure to look at your walls. Is there space for some clever storage, such as creative shelving? For example, paint a wooden doweling ‘ladder’, fix it to the wall, store towels on top, and hang plants from the ‘rungs’.

Following the latest trend

A gentle reminder that avocado-green sinks, tubs, and toilets were once all the rage. In ten years, will you still be happy living with today’s tiles, fixtures, and yes, coloured tubs? Will you have the budget to replace these long-faded styles? Instead, go with neutral tones for the expensive items, and occasionally modernize with less expensive accessories and options.