In today’s Throne Speech, the BC government, building on it’s housing plan, promises to continue working to fix the housing crisis by building housing for people of all incomes, from people experiencing homelessness to middle-income families.

This will include non-profit partnerships, government-funded, and private-sector projects creating tens of thousands of new, affordable homes for people of all ages and stages of life.

All told, this government's plan will see 114,000 new homes built over 10 years.

The government will also:

  • continue with the speculation and vacancy tax which is turning empty homes into housing;
  • continue with a public inquiry into money laundering; and
  • work with municipalities to speed up approvals and encourage them to make full use of rental zoning.

This year, government will act on the recommendations of the Rental Housing Task Force, to provide more security for renters, and relieve them of the burden of fighting unfair or illegal renovictions on their own.