As of January 1, 2024, anyone doing asbestos abatement work in BC will need to have certification they've completed this training from an approved training provider.

Owners undertaking renovations are required to verify the service provider they’re hiring can show evidence they’ve completed the required training.

Asbestos is deadly

Known as the hidden killer, more than 3,000 products containing asbestos were used in home construction until the late 1980s. Asbestos is an inhalable cancer-causing substance.

Common uses included vermiculite insulation, roof felt and shingles, acoustic tiles, vinyl tiles, linoleum sheet flooring, pads placed under fireplace hearths, pipe insulation, stucco, textured ceilings, cement board and tiles, cement pipes, and more.

If asbestos is discovered in a home, WorkSafe BC requires that a survey for hazardous materials be completed before work begins.

Municipal requirements

Every municipality also requires the property owner to submit a Hazardous Materials Report Form before issuing a demolition or renovation permit. For example:

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Visit WorkSafeBC, Finding training: Approved training providers for asbestos abatement certification.

If you have questions about asbestos remediation, please contact Harriet Permut, director of government relations at