At a glance (3 minute read)

  • Metro Vancouver is regulating wood burning fireplaces and stoves in some neighbourhoods to reduce pollution.
  • Burning will be limited to seasonally cold months.
  • Homeowners will need to register their wood burning appliances.

Across Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods, some residents use wood for heating and cooking to supplement expensive utility costs and as back up if the power goes out.

To mitigate air pollution and reduce impacts to health and the environment of residential wood smoke, Metro Vancouver has passed the Residential Indoor Wood Burning Emission Bylaw 1303.

Bylaw requirements

Wood heating banned

May 15 to September 15 each year: the use of wood for heating or cooking is banned in Metro Vancouver.

Burning wood indoors

September 16 to May 14 each year, residents can burn wood indoors only according to Schedule B of the bylaw (page 10), which details emissions, types of wood products permitted, types of fires, prohibition of burning garbage, inspection and maintenance, and more.

Residents must register wood burning appliances

Beginning September 2022, Metro Vancouver residents in these communities within the urban containment boundaries must register their wood burning appliances.

To qualify for registration, the appliance must meet performance standards to ensure emissions are low.

Unregistered appliances not allowed

Beginning September 2025, unregistered appliances won’t be allowed to operate, except during emergencies, or if the appliance is operated within a low-income household.


The Village of Lions Bay, which is classified as a rural area by Metro Vancouver, has an extension to 2032 because of the Village’s history of, and ongoing problems with power outages.

Municipalities outside the urban containment boundaries or areas of municipalities outside the urban containment boundaries are also exempt.

Looking forward

If you hope to use wood stoves and fireplaces in the coming years, be advised  that as of 2025 wood stoves and wood heating will be regulated in urban areas of Metro Vancouver. All wood burning stoves, heating units and fireplaces must conform to clean burning standards as specified in Metro Vancouver’s bylaw 1303, Schedule B (page 10), and must be registered with Metro Vancouver. Unregistered wood burning apparatus will be prohibited.

Alternative methods such as electricity and renewable energy sources such as geothermal and solar power as well as heat pumps will be required by 2025.


  • BC Hydro and FortisBC rebates are available for heat pumps, insulation, draft-proofing, and hot water heaters, along with a $300 bonus offer for making two eligible upgrades within 18 months. Learn more.
  • Visit Metro Vancouver’s Residential Wood Burning bylaw website.