The City of Vancouver’s real estate department has released a conceptual plan to redevelop 32 hectares (80 acres) of city-owned land between the Burrard and Cambie bridges on south shore of False Creek.

The plan proposes to increase the number of housing units to 6,645 from the current 1,850 units and includes new buildings of six to 28 storeys, including a 152-metre (500-foot) residential tower near the Granville bridge.

The redevelopment would include taller buildings at the edges close to the Cambie and Granville bridges, while shorter buildings would be located close to Charleson Park in the middle.

Council will debate and vote on the plan on October 21, 2021, which has “the potential to create a large number of new affordable homes, address sea level rise, enrich the neighbourhood’s cultural, social and recreational amenities, open up pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle access to this neighbourhood to better connect it with the rest of the city, and increase the diversity among this community’s population,” according to the staff report.

Current leases

The walkable neighbourhood is currently home to six co-ops, four market-rental buildings, six nonprofit buildings, and 13 stratas.

The city is in the process of sorting out 735 existing strata and co-op leases which originally ran for periods up to 60 years and expire in the next 15 to 25 years.

The area is currently home to 5,500 residents. There are seven types of tenancies: strata leasehold commercial, market rental, co-ops, non-market rental, floating co-op, and community care facilities.


A citywide engagement session was in January and February 2021 and resulted in 4,349 public and stakeholder interactions, 3,944 completed surveys, 277 online meeting attendees, 37 submissions and seven public and stakeholder meetings.

Read the Staff Report (opens 34-page pdf)

Read the Conceptual Plan (opens 36-page PowerPoint presentation)