Property owners in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) who meet certain conditions will be able to build a second permanent dwelling as of December 31, 2021.

Regulation changes will allow farmers and ALR landowners to have both a principal residence and a small secondary residence with a streamlined approval process.

Only permissions from a local government or First Nations government will be required. Gone is the requirement for an application to and approval from the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC).

The additional residence can be used for housing extended family or farm labour, agritourism accommodation, or as a rental property.

The additional residence doesn’t have to be used by the landowner or immediate family members.

Housing options permitted under the proposed regulation include, but are not limited to:

  • garden suites, guest houses, or carriage suites;
  • accommodation above an existing building;
  • manufactured homes; and
  • permitting a principal residence to be constructed in addition to a manufactured home that was formerly a principal residence.

Size of secondary residence

The size of the secondary residence will depend on the size of the farmland and the existing home, for example:

40 hectares (100 acres) or smaller

  • if the existing residence is 500 square metres (5,400 square feet) or less, a second residence of 90 square metres (970 square feet) or less can be built.
  • If the existing residence is larger than 500 square metres, a small secondary residence for non-farm use would not be permitted. However, farmers can still apply to the ALC for an additional residence for farm use.

40 hectares (100 acres) or larger

  • a second residence 186 square metres (approximately 2,000 square feet) or less is permitted, no matter the size of the first residence.


Landowners who had previously invested in a secondary manufactured home on their farm have until Dec. 31, 2021, to get permits and authorizations – a period that has been extended from the previous July 31 deadline.

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