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  • Vancouver council unanimously approved multiplex development on single-family lots, allowing up to 6 strata units or 8 secured rental units.
  • This decision includes zoning simplifications and consolidation, with plans to begin accepting applications in December 2023 and explore accessibility and character home retention options, with staff reporting in spring 2024.

Vancouver council has voted unanimously to allow the development of multiplexes – up to six strata units or eight secured rental units on RS zoned single family lots.

The goal of the vote, after an eight-hour public hearing on September 14, was to get rid of low-density zoning across the city.

“We are taking bold action on the housing crisis in our ongoing efforts to enable missing middle housing that’s attainable for families who are being priced out of the market,” said Mayor Ken Sim.

New small-scale, multi-unit, missing middle homes will also be easier and faster to build thanks to Vancouver council’s approval of:

  • simplifications to zoning regulations; and
  • the consolidation of nine separate zones into one.

Vancouver council has also directed staff to explore options to:

  • improve accessibility in multiplexes; and
  • incentivize retention of character homes while increasing density in neighbourhoods.

Staff will report back in spring 2024 with their findings.  


The city plans to begin accepting applications for multiplexes in December 2023.

Read the September 14, 2023 public hearing minutes (opens a 12-page pdf)

Read the full motion about missing middle housing (opens a 37-page pdf. Search “missing middle”)

Read the staff report about missing middle housing (opens a 127-page pdf)

Read these council documents:

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